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About Dr. Sherif

Political Cartoonist & Self-Develpment Author

Sherif Arafa, Editorial cartoonist, self-development author, public speaker and dentist by degree! Arafa holds an MBA in Human Resources, and an MS Degree in Positive Psychology. He changed his career path in dentistry to focus on achieving his vision of augmenting wellbeing awareness, fostering open-mindedness, tolerance and opposing extremism through his books and cartoons. Arafa has been awarded in many counties in appreciation of his work.



-MAPP (Masters of Applied positive Psychology)-University of East London- 2015

-MBA (Masters of Business Administration)-Graduate school of Business- Arab Academy foe science and technology- 2010

-Bachelor of Oral and Dental Medicine- Cairo University 2003

-Attained many training courses and workshops such as "Instructional design for trainers" - American management association (AMA) Washington DC. and other Psychology and Business-related training courses.


Best-selling Books:

- Updated Humen
- How to become a human? Beyond self development
Foreword by: Prof. A. Okasha.The former president of World Psychiatric Association
Foreword by: Prof. A. Okasha.
The former president of World Psychiatric Association - See more at: http://drsherif.net/en/books/15/august/27-1#sthash.ZNlM5jpp.dpuf
-To be you! Your scientific guide to happiness and success
-Get rid of your mind
-Why people are stupid? Your personal guide to understand others
Work experience:

The Editorial Cartoonist and self-development author at Alittihad Newspaper- UAE (Current Position).
His cartoons can be seen in many international websites such as:

www.CartoonMovement.com , www.Cagle.com

Worked in "Rosalyoussef" Magazine and newspaper- as a writer, cartoonist, and head of department. Published in: www.VJmovement.com- "Caricature" Egyptian Magazine- "Kelmetna" Magazine- www.Boswtol.com



-Mahmoud Kahil Award 2018

- Taryam Omran Award 2017

-Arab Journalism Award nomination 2014.

-Arab Journalism Award nomination 2012.

-Arab Cartoon Award 2012

-Egyptian Embassy in Emirates Plaque- UAE 2011.

-AAST Plaque 2010

-1st prize in Manisa Mesir cartoon contest 2008.

- Law school plaque -Cairo university.

-Cairo Dentistry school plaque

-Swiss Canal University plaqua.


Examples of Media Exposure
CNN: http://drsherif.net/en/node/6436
Cartoon Movement:http: http://drsherif.net/en/node/1116